Trunk Unlock

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Trunk Unlock

If you’ve mistakenly locked your car keys inside the trunk of your car, you will surely want to get them out as soon as possible.


Getting keys out of a locked trunk is complicated work, especially if you lack the training and tools necessary for the job.

There are some online tutorials that claim to be able to show you how to break into your car’s trunk without any keys, although from our experience, the amount of damage done by individuals who attempt to break into vehicles without proper tools and the experience needed is so much greater and more costly than it would have been had they just called upon a competent locksmith from the get-go.

There are several ways a locksmith might consider going about unlocking your trunk.

It is clear that it’s important to get the proper help that you need in order to assist you with unlocking your car’s trunk. Each of our auto locksmiths comes fully equipped with all the tools that he needs in order to unlock your trunk.

The most common and efficient way to unlock a trunk is to pick a door lock inside the car. This is not a simple task to do; it takes skill and precise hand movements to be able to insert the tools into the lock in the exact way that’ll unlock the car door.

Once the locksmith has gotten the door of the car unlocked, opening the car’s trunk is usually pretty simple to do. All one has to do is pull a lever or push a small button inside the car’s interior, and the trunk will pop open.

It’s only a “security flaw”, as some people are claiming, if owners don’t know not to keep valuables in the frunk, but it’s something that warns not to do. I have personally witnessed San Carlos delivery specialists warning new owners during delivery.

They don’t really explain how it can be opened since they don’t try to publicize the method, but they make sure that they know it can be opened so they don’t keep any valuables in there and use it only as a short-term cargo space, like for groceries.

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