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Locked Out of My Car

You’ve worked late and need to run home to start dinner for the kids.  You approach your car in the dark underground parking lot as you reach into your coat pocket for your car keys…And they’re not there.  You don’t initially panic because for sure you must have put them in your purse.  But after a few minutes of frantic searching, followed by a desperate last ditch dumping of the contents of your purse on your car hood, the keys are nowhere to be found.  Now you panic.  Are they back in the office which is now locked for the night? Could you have dropped them somewhere?  Were they stolen?  Could you have accidentally locked them in the trunk? As you worriedly ponder the possibilities, one thought suddenly drowns out all others: I LOCKED MYSELF OUT OF MY CAR!

First of all, you need to keep calm and assess the situation. Not being able to get into your car can definitely pose a danger. If you feel unsafe where you are, leave immediately.  Next, review your options.

Does someone else have a key to your car?

Obviously it’s always a good idea to give a spare key to your spouse or a neighbor, preferably someone with the ability to bring the keys to you in just such an emergency.

If there’s a possibility you accidentally locked the keys in your car, Should you try to “break” into your car yourself?

The definitive answer is NO!  Although there are many tutorials floating around online on how to open your car yourself, most of the time these methods either don’t work or, worse, may actually damage your car.

Today’s car keys and locking systems are complicated and sophisticated.  Only a highly trained professional locksmith locked out of my car can duplicate or replace car keys, computer chip keys, transponder keys and car locks.  Keep the number of a known and trusted service provider in your area handy.  Make sure it’s a company with a proven track record that offers its services 24/7 and has a response time of less than 15 minutes.

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